How to Do Some Good

If you’ve ever wondered, “what can I be doing today to make a difference in the world?”, you’ve come to the right place.  Thank you for visiting.

Each month, I am organizing a get-together in lovely Victoria, BC, Canada, to inspire and engage the community to do some good with a different cause or organization.  Don’t worry if you don’t live near here – perhaps it will spark an idea for you to make happen in your own city!

This month:

Money speaks, and where and how you donate matters. Make sure you’re making every dollar count, and
your donations are speaking the message, and having the impact that you want.

Join us for an informal presentation and conversation about strategic charitable giving. Two experienced financial advisors and community members, Ted Noakes and Mike Reilly, will be volunteering their time and sharing their expertise with us. Ted is also a finance instructor and service club member, while Mike has a long history of helping young families get a strong start on taking care of their financial futures, including his own.

Thanks to Rotary Club of Downtown Victoria, the meetup event and venue are free of charge. Just bring yourself and some change if you’d like to purchase a drink or snack during the meetup (but it’s not necessary).

Some questions that we’ll get the answers to: How much to save vs how much to give? Is it better to give a big donation to one charity or sprinkle donations amongst multiple organizations? How to make donations the most tax-effective? How does estate vs shares vs mutual funds play into the whole portfolio of giving?

Message me any questions that you have for Ted and Mike, and we’ll try to get them answered during the meetup.

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See what we’ve been up to at the events on Instagram. Hope to stay connected and take positive action together!