How to Do Some Good


If you’ve ever wondered, “what can I be doing today to make a difference in the world?”, you’ve come to the right place.  Thank you for visiting.

Each month, I am organizing a get-together in lovely Victoria, BC, Canada, to inspire and engage the community to do some good with a different cause or organization.  Don’t worry if you don’t live near here – perhaps it will spark an idea for you to make happen in your own city!

This month: We will be working with Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association (VTRA). VTRA is a registered charitable organization that uses horseback riding as a recognized therapeutic aid for people with a wide range of physical, cognitive, social and learning disabilities.

We’ll be helping them get their expansive site ready for their Horse Show in June, an annual competition for their riders who underwent therapy. The Horse Show is circus-themed this year and they’d like our help with painting the stables, getting the track ready, and cutting decorations, etc, to make their site super festive and fun for their riders. Of course, we’ll also be getting a personalized tour from VTRA, and their coordinator said the tour is half an hour long with all the different and exciting stuff (and beautiful horses!) they have to show us on the grounds. VTRA will also be providing us with a yummy BBQ lunch. Please let me know in the comments or via a message if you are vegetarian or have any dietary restrictions.

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