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About How to Do Some Good

If you’ve ever wondered, “what can I be doing today to make a difference in the world?”, you’ve come to the right place.  Thank you for visiting.

The two things I am the most passionate about are 1) getting people together and excited, and 2) doing good, in big and small ways.

There are tons of positive and inspirational forums, websites and Facebook pages with tons of ideas and videos – I’m honored to be part of that space, and won’t pretend to be unique there.  What I want to share is how just one person like me is trying (maybe failing, then trying again) and learning to do good , and how someone like you could start, here and today!

I am also organizing a get-together every month in lovely Victoria, BC, Canada, to do some good with different causes and organizations, in different areas and ways every month.  Don’t worry if you don’t live near here – perhaps it could spark an idea for you to make happen in your own city!

Here are some ways you can see How To Do Some Good in action:

Events Page: Check out what we’re doing to do good in Victoria

Archive Page: Each idea has an element of good, whether it is to help others, build community spirit, celebrate kindness, increase self-esteem and wellness, or have more fun!  My wish is that you leave feeling inspired and ready to take some positive action today.

Facebook: Join us for the most up-to-date curated content

Instagram: See what I’ve been up to at the events as well as in my everyday life

About Mandy 

I’m Mandy. In my day job, I help non-profits, social causes, and research organizations engage with the community.

Why do I like doing good and discussing about doing good? Because people get so fired up in such a good way. They are the most engaged, caring, resourceful, passionate, and active I’ve seen, and I am humbled and inspired.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for an event? Contact me. Thank you for reading and sharing!

Mandy Pui, M.Sc., is a communications and development strategist for multiple non-profits and research institutes.  With a background in science research, risk communication, and project management, she strategizes how to put science and medical knowledge into action in our communities and into practice.  She’s a Rotarian, mentor, rock-climber, board gamer who is extremely passionate about helping our world be a better place by inspiring anyone and everyone to do good in their own way.