How to Advocate for Something You Care About


Last night’s discussion about How to Advocate for Something You Care About was so engaging and thought-provoking! Our discussion with Susan Low was flowing so well with so many great questions and comments that we all lost track of time. Thanks to all of you who came out last night who wanted to learn more about how to advocate in our community, and contributed to the discussion. So glad to have all of you justice-fighters in our community!

For our June meetup, we will have a presentation and discussion with Susan Low, Executive Director of Leadership Victoria, on How to Do Some Good by being a successful and skilled advocate for things you care about. Whenever there’s an important issue that people want to bring to local government, typically the only solution people can think of is to write to your local MP. Did you know that 1) there is a right or wrong level of government to go to for different issues, and 2) that your timing matters? 3) the way you make contact with the government matters?

One big reason why some issues seem to take a lot longer to move on, is because of different jurisdictions. Learn when an issue is a local government issue vs. a provincial or federal one.

We’ll set up three specific scenarios and issues, and then go through the “101’s”, the specifics of when to bring it to government, who to talk to, and how to talk to them, to really make something happen!

Thanks to Rotary Club of Downtown Victoria (RCDV), there is no cost to attend this event. RCDV is an active, engaged group of community-focused people who are passionate about volunteering and fundraising for different causes. You will have the opportunity to meet their awesome members. Come learn something you may not have known before, and discover how you can make a difference. People of all ages (even kids) are welcome; bring a friend! The presentation will be at RCDV’s weekly meeting spot at the back of the Vic’s Steakhouse restaurant, so head on to the back or ask staff for directions to the Rotary meeting.