Bring Little Dresses with You on Your Next International Trip


One of my friends is going to Vietnam next week to visit some orphanages and wanted to bring some kids’ clothing with her to donate. Little Dresses for Africa came to the rescue!


Little Dresses for Africa is a registered Christian organization that started in 2008. It is supported by volunteers from all over the world who sew and donate little dresses for girls (and little britches for boys) out of pillowcases or other pieces of fabric. The donated clothing is sent to Africa and other places in the world, through mission teams or other individuals, and distributed through orphanages, churches and schools.


Little Dresses for Africa’s belief is that they’re sending more than a dress; they’re sending hope, and to plant a seed in the children’s hearts that they are worthy. This organization also does more than provide dresses; they also work together with communities in need to provide water wells and education.

I work with Disaster Aid Canada in Victoria, and we’re one of the collection and distribution centres in Canada. I was able to pack 40 dresses for my friend. They come in cute fabrics and with unique details like tie-straps, or heart-shaped pockets, or flutter sleeves.


Many of the dresses have pockets, and come with a little underwear and a hand-written note for the recipient. How thoughtful!


I’ll be posting an update when my friend distributes the dresses in Vietnam.  If you’d like to support this organization by donating funds or clothing (they will provide sewing patterns), click here.

(Top picture via Little Dresses for Africa. Other pictures are my own.)